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Vincent Wilson Vice President of Globaleye Dubai is a scam artist of epic proportions and cannot be trusted. He and his cronies lied to me constantly about the performance of my investment.

Vincent Wilson scam artist extrordinaire told me I could access my investment anytime but when I started asking questions several months later I started to smell a rat. I got another company to look at it for me and we found it had high fees attached and was a high risk investment. He never told me about these high fees and high risk and I will have now lost tens of thousands of my money. Globaleye scammers have nice offices but I got duped and taken in by his sales pitch.

How *** can I be? Vincent Wilson Vice President Globaleye scam artist is an outright cheat, so if you get a call from him he is not a board member of Globaleye but just a two faced employee to be avoided at all costs.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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sigh...not again...IFA's slagging each other off on internet forums to try to get one up on each other. Don't you guys realise it makes your whole industry look ***???


If a financial firm has lied to you about your investments I assume you have taken it up with the relevant authorities? If so, what was the outcome?

Also, it seems strange that you would go to the effort of making this post with no details whatsoever on the institution, product or disputed charges in question(?)

This post smells VERY fishy to me!

Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico #724381

All fees with any product provider or IFA company remain the same across the board on regular premiums. If you know the term and premium amount how can you complain about what YOU have signed? You are your own person, he can't force you to sign the documents and give him your ID copies.

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