Back in 2015 I was approached by Idnan Malik who subsequently advised me on moving my pension funds. Also he persuaded me to invest £10,000 in oil price related bonds. Due to subsequent fall in global oil prices the bonds did not realise their 14% return on investment....
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I'm sorry that this has happened. There are many IFA's who give misleading advice. May I have your contact details?

I worked three years in this company headed up by Tim Searle. In all my life I've never seen such a great company destroyed by the antics of its owner the overgrown child Tim Searle. The tantrums , constant moaning , his racist overtones and his *** sexual advances are...
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Aaron Pacitti approached me several years ago and proposed to invest in a UK based bond (OMI) for which he got a very rich commission. He then converted very cleverly my portfolio into being skewed to a fund based in Luxembourg named Columna. I found out only later he...
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I apologize for being gruff, but this is absolutely your own fault.If he left you enough for a plane ticket, go to Dubai and set things right.

I didn't like
  • Crooks
I had a meeting with a Waqas Babar who moved my pension from the UK to a Qrops. This was all in order and I was happy until it came to investing the funds. Waqas recommended four funds all of which he pushed despite my reservations on a couple. I went with his advice...
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I didn't like
  • Globaleye
I was persuaded to join Globaleye from another company stupidly. The company I had come from was very professional and had a strict dress code and the male staff all shaved and wore business attire. My first day I was amazed at how unprofessional the whole set up was....
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I had a meeting with so called advisor in Dubai, had great rapport and said I had a shortfall in my retirement planning. Thus he recommended me a Generali Vision over 22 years. It looked very good on paper until I was advised by an accountant friend to ask about the...
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Tim Searle is a raking it in, tells all and sundry about his ethical approach to get up front commissions stopped in the UAE. Yet is a multi millionaire from taking up front commissions. Like most of these fly by night firms who pretend to be helping you plan your...
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Globaleye - Tim Searle Aeon funds.

I was persuaded to go into these funds by James Spence. IE:Tim Searle's personal pension fund. Absolutely *** returns, have moved broker. Bunch of crooks. Would be black listed in the UK.
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I was sold a savings plan by Thomas Darwin from Globaleye in Abu Dhabi and paid into this 25 year plan for three years. In total $72,000 dollars. When I spoke to a fellow Canadian colleague and mentioned this he told me to speak to my accountant as he believed it was...
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Have you surrendered the product?For savings plans there is an initial 18 month lock in period where your premiums are solely used to buy funds. Anyhow your IFA should had bee...

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I worked for Globaleye in Dubai, when I left Tim Searle the CEO has kept $15,000 USD of mine that he keeps under the ruse of a claw back pot. To date he has kept this and many larger amounts from others that have left. No wonder he drives around town in either a Rolls...
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I didn't like
  • Tim searle