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Update by user Dec 18, 2014

So Stefan emailed me to asked me to remove my review as it was not im good for his reputation. Oh so now I remember another fact why I was so pissed off.

Before I withdrew my funds, I asked him why my annual valuation dropped.

First he doesn't answer my question on why my valuation dropped.

Next, he blamed it on my ignorance of not understanding compound interest. (Which I have verified his statements with multiple people in the industry that he's so full of bullcrap)

Original review posted by user Jul 06, 2014

My money dropped by more than half from last year to this year (when I wanted to withdraw my money out).

Globaleye Dubai (Adviser name was Stefan Terry, and his assistant Paula Leonor) claimed that the reason for the drop from 2013 to 2014 was due to a combination of annual fee and poor market performance that made that happen.

(wait, wasn't 2013 a great year for making money? so either they lied, or they really do not know how to manage my money).

Note: I was also told (during sign up) that there was absolutely no fee. You cannot just slap an annual fee on your client any time you like.

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Hi, just to say I have also had my fingers burnt by the crook that is Stefan Terry. After trusting this man with my money - he ceased any communication without any updates on where my investments had gone. It is good to see people sharing what a nasty piece of work this man is.


Absolute nonsense... some advisers take on other peoples policies and have a fee because they didn't initiate the policy or get paid on it at any point...

would any of you work for free? If you worked for emirates for example and they asked you to work one day a month for no pay would you? of course not...

furthermore, fee based advice is more of a UK-centric approach (one of the most regulated jurisdictions)...

Thanks for the good advice Stefan... keep it up

to HappyClient123 #1393496


I’m truly glad you are happy. I was too until Stefan Terry took over my portfolio.

You perhaps had a good run because over the last 18 months, the market has had a good run. So if you hadn’t been happy, I don’t know when you will ever be cow every Tom *** and Harry has been making lots. Wait till there’s a drop. Check your account to see how much you’ve lost and query why.

Listen to what he’s gotta say. I understand that that in investment, you win sometimes, you lose sometimes. But all I demanded was a logical explanation. Not some *** on me not understanding interest rates and that now they had to slap an annual fee due to markets being bad (I haven’t paid any fee since day 1).

I wish you luck in your trust in him.

I’ve so far had great success with my current advisor since my undesired experience with global eye (Stefan terry in particular).

I’m glad you found yourself someone you consider great too. Best wishes

to HappyClient123 #1403157

If only I had read this post sooner! Big mistake working with Stefan Terry. Would never use again.


Hi, I have just seen this review and I would also like to say that I am in agreement with it. I had my hard earned money effectively stolen from me and after continuous polite messages to initiate any conversation about it, I have been repeatedly ignore. DO NOT USE STEFAN TERRY OR ANYONE RELATING TO HIS SERVICES!


i would like to say guys..... nobody forces you to sign number 1, number 2 like any contracts that one signs you read it and check all terms and conditions.

then if any worries you ask for clarification in writing = you are covered.

people, you really are making my laugh!! if u r doing great u take it for granted if not then blame everyone!!

you should know by now if life there is no guarantee beside death.

no am not part of this industry - corporate commercial retails- please next time you sign anything double check terms and conditions.... food for thought

to Anonymous #1126543

When was the last time you went to the bank to open an account and the Relationship manager asked you to sign a bunch of papers that had 32 pages of conditions? You ask the essentials and if you had been lied to, well, then this guy deserves a "beating up".

Also agree that one should read the fine print but at most circumstances, it's not possible because they ask you to sign first before giving you the fine print. Technically you have the right to refuse to sign. But given you want to invest your money and most don't let you read the fine prints unless you sign up first. That's the job of the RM to advise based on your needs.

If he is not honest, it's too late. So get someone you trust and has good reference.


Please, can anybody help us with the procedure, how to remove the money from them! !!!???? Will appreciate any information.

to Anonymous #1112563

You will have to dig out your contract to see its fine print / terms and conditions. Don't believe anything they previously tell you because that is inaccurate.

They will tell you anything you want to hear.

Then you write an email or a formal letter to them indicating you wish to withdraw your funds. Remember to read the fine prints before you withdraw!

Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates #953833

How did you manage to get your money out? Did they penalize you by 1/3 of your account?

to GotScammed #953920

Yes I did. Probably lost around 1/4 to 1/3.

They lied about the fees.

If you take your money out but not fully close the account, there is a large penalty which they didn't mention. I was told otherwise that's why I did not close my account.


Boss they are thieves, take my money and after they knew I left UAE to Canada, they decided there are no money for me....

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