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Philip Carrington of Globaleye brings his son Eban McLean into the business to do what they do bets, rip clients off and earn very high commissions. If you are in contact with either of these two *** men, do not meet or take calls from them.

They're the *** of the finance industry,,, you have been warned - do not fall into there pushy sales scam. Philip has been in UAE for more than ten years doing this and now his son Eban is doing the same.

Eban is the most convincing person I have spoken to and will force you into meeting with Philip with his scare tactics. Don't fall into the trap that hundreds of other good working people have!!!!!!

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Name is not Carrington its Potter

to Anonymous #1478515

What do you mean?


Eben Mclean has been in jail since July 2015 and is expected to serve a minimum of 3 to 5 years on financial fraud and financial cases. If you were also interested you may add fuel to the fire and file another case against him. I recognized him as the liar he is from day 1 unfortunately others havent but the law caught up with him

to MY Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom #1280805

Hi, have you anymore information on Ebens case?

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