Aaron Pacitti approached me several years ago and proposed to invest in a UK based bond (OMI) for which he got a very rich commission. He then converted very cleverly my portfolio into being skewed to a fund based in Luxembourg named Columna.

I found out only later he had interest in the fund as well being the fund advisor. Now the fund has been suspended and is in liquidation and no money to be found. Aaron Pacitti being hiding in Dubai driving around in Lamborghini and pretending not to have any responsibility.

People like me lost a lot of money as he managed to place millions in this fake found of his and leaving with all the money. Do not trust him, he looks very prepared and very professional but is nothing but a dirty crook.

Reason of review: fraud.

Preferred solution: I want them to return the money they stole.

Globaleye Cons: Crooks.

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I can confirm that Aaron Pacitti is a crook and has defrauded 2 of my clients out of 46 Million USD




Anyone who has lost money related to investments Aaron Pacitti or David Mapley please contact me at send a text to 305-521-**** with your contact information. I may be able to help you.


Aaron has always been and continues to be a con man, he has stolen millions from innocent people. He is violent and deserves to be in prison.


Aaron has been a con man for most of his life. I can not believe what I’m reading and how he has managed to con his way through his life.

Do not trust this man. Not only is he untrustworthy but he is a violent criminal


You should contact David Mapley a Swiss investigator who is now head of the umbrella structure LFP1 in Luxembourg under which this fraud was perpetrated. You have very good prospects of recovering your losses as there is a great deal of negligence on the part of fund managers and auditors even if recovery of defrauded monies proves elusive.

As to crooks like Pacitti they belong in prison and the industry needs to step up and start policing itself to a higher standard. I strongly disagree with William, Globaleye and Old Mutual ( a 173 year multi billion company ) should be held liable for facilitating this kind of fraud.

@Deasia Pjq

For anyone negatively impacted by failed funds such as LM, Axiom, New Earth, Kajani, Columna, Eco Resources, Lucent, TCA Credit Master, EEA, Quadris or others please join the group action against the perpetrators. Newport Group are litigation experts based in London working with one of the UK's top QC's to seek redress for anyone encouraged into buying these illiquid, suspended and failed funds.

There is no cost to join the class action suit.

It's no win/no fee. For more information please see www.newporttm.co.uk global@***.co.uk


I apologize for being gruff, but this is absolutely your own fault.

If he left you enough for a plane ticket, go to Dubai and set things right.

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